Versuchung - a toolbox for experiments

In some fields of science it is common practice to not publish any experiment descriptions or the raw measurement results of the experiment. This is not only opposed to the idea of science, where results should be reproducible to verify them by a larger audience, but also harmful for other researchers, who want to extend the results in the field.

This lack of experiment descriptions and raw data is not necessary a result of mean intention by the original researcher, more a lack of tools for documenting and specifying experiements and the raw data analysis. This is especially true for some fields of computer science. But as these people are experts in using formal descriptions (also known as programming languages) it is surprising that there is no easy-to-use tool for specifying experiments and analyses.

Versuchung tries to fill this gap, by providing such a tool, where experiments can be specified with proper input and output parameter declarations, versioned result sets and the possibility to process the result sets further.


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